womens black lingerieTrends Workshop’ at Galleria Intima

‘Lingerie womens black lingerieTrends Workshop’ at Galleria Intima 2013

An Exclusive Creative Coaching Workshop is to be hosted by Carlin International, a France based trend forecasting company, at Galleria Intima 2013, India’ largest sourcing fair for intimate apparel professionals, that will be held from 23-24 August at Goa.

A two day seminar focusing on the upcoming trends in the intimate apparel industry and brand building through design innovation will be conducted by David Landart, Asia Sales Director of Carlin International, and his team.

Workshop seriesWith more than 15 years experience in the international textile and fashion industry and having great knowledge about Western markets and Asian manufacturers, David Landart will be hosting two day seminar series.

On day one a seminar called ‘Importance of Design in Growing your Brand’ will take place, followed by a discussion on day two, focusing on the lingerie industry and future trends for the next year.

Four themes will be reflected at the Trends 2014 forum – Complicity, Exuberance, Confidential and Sensitive. This seminar aims to help attendees from intimate apparel manufacturing and supply end to gather and apply trend knowledge to develop products that respond in tandem with consumer needs and aspirations.

David Landart explained:”With the increasing Indian woman’ fashion exposure and awareness, it means that local brands will have to invest into genuine brand building and work on creative strategy, work on an increasing number of well-designed products and change their products renewal rate policy, educate their market through better communication tools and retail concepts in order to enhance products added values.”

“This seminar will try to guide business and management people on how to generate strong ROI from trends and design investments, at the same time how designers can use trends with regards to new product developments.”

Trend forecastingYusuf Dohadwala, CEO of the Intimate Apparel Association of India (IAAI), commented on Carlin’ association with Galleria Intima 2013:”I think this is one of the biggest highlights this year at Galleria Intima. The Indian intimate apparel industry will witness such extensive knowledge on design and trends for the first time that too from the perspective of world experts.”

Trend forecasting is an important womens black lingerie source of knowledge and insight in intimate the apparel business. Carlin International has already conducted similar sessions across the world, bringing to the intimate apparel industry valuable insight and lingerie trend alerts in order to empower it with up-to-date information and expectations of the industry as well as its consumers.

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